Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meds & a gut feeling

Our donor's medications were delivered to St. Mungo's today.  (St. Mungo's requires that they be at the clinic two days prior to the donor's baseline appointment.)  Another step.  Assuming our donor is appropriately suppressed, she will be starting those medications on Saturday.

It's hard to believe that, at this time in two weeks, we could have embryos growing in the lab at St. Mungo's.  When I think about it, I am very excited.  A little freaked out, too, but mostly excited.

Physically I'm feeling pretty good today.  I still have that tight, anxiety-like feeling in my chest that comes and goes--which, the more I think about it, is entirely physiological and not related to my mood or state of mind at all, strangely--but no headache today and no other problems.

I forgot to mention: MM told me the other day that he has a "gut feeling" that our cycle is going to work . . . and that we are going to have twins.  Yikes.  He thinks his gut feelings tend to be reliable--I don't know, because I can't remember his ever sharing one with me before--so we shall see.

I know a lot of people think twins are cute/fun, and I don't totally disagree.  We will be ecstatic to be parents to either two or one, but the nurse in me can't help but think about all the increased health risks that come along with a twin pregnancy.  Not to mention the challenge of parenting twin newborns.

Oh well, one step at a time.  As our counselor pointed out to me, the amount of control we have using ART--ability to choose a clinic, when to cycle and, in our case, a donor--gives us the illusion that we can control everything.  Obviously we can't.  So it's in the hands of the gods.


  1. I hope MM's gut feeling is right! You know, when I did my last IVF, I was feeling SOB and ancxious. I thought it was the stims, but it could have been the Lupron. It will be interesting to see when that feeling subsides.
    2 weeks until retrieval? I can't believe it!!!

  2. Here from Cyclesista. Pulling for you guys!

  3. My "gut" feeling is that this cycle will be a slam dunk! There. Me and MM makes two!


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