Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our calendar

As we've been getting closer and closer to doing our DE IVF cycle, I've obsessively google'd "sample donor egg IVF calendar" several times to get a little "preview" of what I might expect once our treatment cycle started.  I didn't find too many examples online (except this one), so I'm going to share mine here in the hope that it might help some other obsessing woman like me some time in the future.

  • Stay on active BCPs until 5/20
  • Start 5/16
  • Stop BCPs 5/20
  • Baseline appointment (AZ) 5/24 - start estrogen if all is suppressed
  • Ultrasound (AZ) 5/31
  • Ultrasound (St. Mungo's) 6/7
  • Estimated egg retrieval 6/7 - 6/10, embryo transfer 3-5 days later (We are hoping for a 5-day, blastocyst transfer.  Our donor's embryos have made it to 5 days in all five of her previous cycles.)
Our donor will have her baseline appointment on 5/27 and start her stims on 5/28 if she is suppressed.


    1. WOOHOO!! Glad the nurse finally responded, and extra-glad that she corresponded with you this morning. :)

    2. Yay! It's great to have your schedule all worked out. We'll be on a very similar schedule and protocol!

    3. funny how that works with your email, its like she heard you press send or something, right?
      anyway, wishing you so much luck. My fingers and toes are staying crossed for you. I am hoping we will be cycle buddies and unless I get pushed to July due to a clinic closure we are likely on track :) June is a lucky month, both my anniversary and birthday are in June :)
      Keep us posted.

    4. Holy crow, it's all happening so fast! Seriously, as early as a month from today you could be PUPO!

      S, I am so fricken excited and hopeful for you!!!!

    5. I can't believe how close this is getting! I am so excited for you! And praying for a 5 day transfer with blastocyst!

    6. Wishing you so much luck! I hope everything goes perfectly :)

    7. Thank you so much for posting this! Our facility gave us a sample calendar and has now given us one with tentative dates, but it helps to see others and compare.


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