Friday, May 20, 2011


MM and I were talking last night about how we are alternately excited and freaked out about our cycle.  Our donor has her baseline appointment a week from today, so I emailed St. Mungo's this morning about arranging for payment (it's due the day of the baseline appointment, assuming the donor gets the all clear and is ready to start her stims).

As I sit here thinking about the fact that our egg retrieval is less than three weeks away, I have butterflies in my stomach.  I so hope that this works!

I was very proud of MM last night.  He decided he would give me my Lupron injection.  (I explained to him that the technique for the progesterone-in-oil shots, which have to be given in the muscle, will be different than these shots, which are subcutaneous, but he wanted to try anyway.)  He actually didn't do too badly for a first effort.  (I only let out one yelp of pain when he pulled the needle out at an odd angle and nicked me.)

Given that in prior cycles MM has literally left the room as soon as I started preparing my medications, I'd say this was a HUGE step for him!  I am going to get him some oranges and extra syringes this weekend so he can practice "darting" in the needle.  :-)

I got a text this morning that my dear friend had her second baby early this morning.  (Her son is my godson.)  She had a little girl this time, and I'm looking forward to stopping by the hospital on my way home from work to meet her!  I'm excited for my friend, especially because the baby is a girl.  I mean, the birth of any baby is exciting, and I was excited about her son's arrival, too. . . . but this is her husband's sixth child (previous marriages) and first daughter.  I think that makes it extra special.  :-)

Took my last BCP this morning.  Another tiny milestone.

EDITED TO ADD:  So far, still no concrete Lupron side effects.  I had a dull headache yesterday afternoon/evening, but I think the hair clip holding my bun was too tight because it mostly subsided once I took my hair down.  Thank G-d Dr. Dumbledore OK'd my continuing to take Ad.vil & up until transfer!


  1. So excited for you I could SCREAM!!!!!!!


    (And glad to hear the side effects are minimal to none so far!!!! Don't you hate the hairclip headaches!?!?! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!)

  2. This is such an exciting and terrifying time! I am really happy to hear that MM is joining in on the process.

  3. The anticipation is killing me too!

  4. That sounds like a huge step for him and will be such a great support for you :) Not long now :)) FXd for you every step of the way xoxo

  5. What an exciting time! Fingers crossed for you!

  6. Good luck to you! Stopping by to let you know I gave you an award on my blog :)

  7. You are getting so close. I am glad the Lupron is not giving you trouble, it is interesting how differently it effects people. I am really excited for you S.

  8. Hi... I've just awarded you a Versatile and/or Stylish Blogger Award :) Follow the link below and take your pick of which award you'd like and spread the love to other blogs you love :) It means so much to me to be sharing this roller-coaster ride of loss/TTC with you all. Love for ICLWeek :)) xoxo

  9. It sounds like we have roughly the same timing on our Donor Egg Cycle. I will be sure to follow your journey through this cycle and I am sending you lots of hope and prayers.

  10. I'm so glad that MM is getting in on some shot action! Practicing with the tiny Lupron needles should ease him into those PIO honkers. I always did Endometrin so have never received a PIO, but have been on the giving end of one for an IVF friend. (-;


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