Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I mentioned to MM over the weekend that google reader says that 150 people subscribe to my blog (well, actually 151, but one of those is me).  He shook his head and said he couldn't believe that anyone would be interested in reading about "all this stuff."

And now this morning when I logged onto blogger, I see that I am now at 100 followers.  Thank you all for following my story!

I was hoping to post my "official" calendar for my cycle today, but I didn't hear from our nurse yesterday as expected.  I am assuming she was just busy with other things and didn't have time to get in touch with me.  According to the tentative calendar she sent me last Friday, I don't have anything new to do (aside from continuing BCPs) until starting next week. . . . so hearing from her isn't urgent (though I'm looking forward to it!).  If I don't hear from her today, I will call tomorrow.

Trying to be "zen" and relaxed about our cycle. . . .


  1. Dear Hubbies Everywhere: We blog because we know YOU don't want to talk/read/think about this stuff 24/7 and we can't help ourselves. After all, it's our bodies.

    LOL!! Congrats on 100 followers and wishing you all the best on this cycle!

  2. i have you in my google blog reader - so you can add me to your total!


  3. My husband is the same exact way!!! except mine likes to hear my numbers and wants to figure out ways to make $$ of it, really??? so missing the point!!
    Anyway, hoping beyond hope for you this cycle!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'm so excited that your cycle is finally here. Can't wait to follow along the next part of your journey. Congrats on 100 followers.

  5. Happy 100! Glad to be part of the show for a while now.

  6. Another one of your google reader followers! I was already set up with this before the blogger followers thing came out and have never really paid much attention to it. (-; Sorry, blogger.

    Bring on the lupron!!


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