Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nausea (and other "non-specific" symptoms)

On my drive to work this morning, I felt decidedly nauseated. As I wrote on Sunday, I'm in the 2WW and thus apt to dissect and over-analyze every little symptom, real or imagined, that might indicate pregnancy.

I definitely thought I was going to hurl for a few minutes there, though. Could it be because I ate a piece of colby-jack cheese for breakfast? A weird recurrence of my childhood motion sickness (though I've never had it affect me during my commute before)? Maybe I am developing vertigo and this nausea is the first sign? Or food poisoning? Or gallbladder disease?

As I sit at my desk typing this post, my nausea has mostly subsided. (I calmed it down with a Star$ caffe mocha and coffee cake.) I still feel a little iffy but don't think I will actually vomit.

I am also tired this morning, despite a full night's rest. A sign? Ugh.

Yet again, I find myself wishing that there were a way to know FOR SURE if I'm pregnant mere days after ovulation/fertilization/implantation. The waiting is awful. I'm sure everyone reading this can relate.

AF is due tomorrow or Thursday, so I should have my answer soon.


  1. I'm a new reader so I apologize for not knowing, but - I take it you're not an early tester?? I sure couldn't hold off testing just one or two days early, if I were you :) Even if the outcome's not what you want. . . I still prefer knowing.


  2. That is the worst! I hate the not knowing!!!

    Good luck! Wouldn't that be something???

  3. hmmmm....sounds promising, but i am with you in knowing.....once you know you are pregnant, i would also like to know that you are taking that baby home with you in 9 months....ah the joys of TTC. fingers crossed for you!

  4. Are you taking progesterone? Last month was my first cycle using progesterone and it made me a little nauseated the first week I was taking it.

    I do, however, hope yours is pregnancy related. :)

  5. hey S!!

    this all sounds extremely promising!! wow. can't wait for an update. we are cycle buddies at the moment, you and i - i have NO symptoms except for wanting to bite dh's head off. i think that is an AF indicator.

    i hope your puppies are okay and that poor bad karma dog gets his chakras aligned better so all this can stop! its too much, poor guy.

    i'll be back more often! missed you!


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