Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I knew it!!

Ha! See, it's NOT just my imagination that more people than ever before are having babies. Check this out:

"2006 kicked off the second largest baby boom in US history. "

It's nice to know that I haven't just gotten WAY overly sensitive. (Though it would certainly be understandable if I had.)


  1. That makes sense. Our most concentrated period of trying was in 2006. I swore pregnant people were EVERYWHERE.

  2. Geeez. Nice freaking timing. >:-o Grrr...

  3. thank you for sharing that very important piece of information! seriously? We are not insane, or imagining all these babies popping up all around? phew!!! that's a relief. ;)

  4. You are SUCH a lawyer! And I love that about you.


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