Thursday, July 30, 2009

CD 1

I had a miserable night. I was awakened at around 2:15 by the pain in my head from a horrible migraine. I only get 4-5 bad migraines a year, and this was one of them. I immediately took Excedrin and Advil, the only medications I had available that might help; I usually use prescription Imitrex for my worst migraines, but I am out until my physical with my PCP on 8/25. Excedrin and Advil do nothing for the other symptoms besides the pain, though, so in addition to the stabbing pain in my head, I was dizzy and nauseated for a long time. I finally ended up vomiting several times, which temporarily made my head hurt more but ultimately resolved my nausea.

Anyway, I got very little sleep as a result and am still not 100% (dull ache in head, stomach slightly iffy), so I am home sick from work today. I didn't even get out of bed until nearly 11:00.

Despite all this, I made a point of dutifully placing my cycle day one call to my clinic's nurse line so that we can do treatment this cycle. (Yes, AF arrived in full force early this morning, just as I had predicted yesterday afternoon.) I am all set to begin my first cycle with injectibles on Saturday; MM will pick up my drugs today. Here is the plan:

Clomid 50 mg CD 3 through CD 7 (8/1 through 8/5)
Follistim 125 mg on CD 3, 75 mg on CDs 4, 6, 8 and 10
OPKs before 11:00 each morning starting CD 8 (8/6)
Follicle check u/s on the morning of CD 11 (8/9)
Trigger with Ovidrel when instructed to do so prior to IUI

A couple of good things: my CD 11 falls on a Sunday, so no missed work for my mid-cycle u/s, yea! Also, as I mentioned yesterday, my work schedule looks totally clear for CD 11 through CD 16: I have only one thing on my calendar for the afternoon of CD 14, and it is a "maybe" and might not even take place. Aside from that one deposition, I am in the office with no appointments scheduled every day that week. A nice change from the scheduling conflicts I've run into in previous treatment cycles.

Not looking forward to giving myself six injections this cycle, but at least they are all subcutaneous and no intramuscular.

Oh, and one other thing. MM remarked at dinner last night about how strange it is that we are both so resigned now. In the early months of TTC, we would be both by very disappointed by each BFN or AF's arrival. By 6-7 cycles in, I had mostly gotten over it, but MM remained optimistic and would still be depressed. (He was actually more upset after a year of TTC than he had been the first couple of failed cycles.) Now we were both just like "oh well, whatever" and went on with our day. Neither of us was particularly sad, and the entire topic rated about a 30-second phone exchange (whereas before we had often had hour-long, tear-filled conversations after yet another BFN or AF).

Funny how you can grow accustomed to just about anything if you endure it long enough.


  1. I hate that you have both reached the point of resignation, but happy that you're not feeling so sad each month. If it helps, I've been disappointed for you each month. Also, a migraine on top of all this - WTF karma? Move on to someone else! (Just not me if you don't mind. I'm sure there are evil people out there that deserve bad karma).

  2. sending you a big hug! wishing you both weren't so accustomed to bfn....of the stims I did, follistim was my favorite. I loved the pen, call me weird. Just make sure it is room temp before the injection, and inject it slow....and I really never had the sting that many people talk about. fingers crossed that this makes the difference for you!

  3. I know what you mean about resignation - we reached that stage not too long ago ourselves. I still feel a small bit of hope and disappointment each month, but at the same time totally expect the BFN. In some ways, it's nice to be numb.

  4. That migraine sounds awful. I hope you are feeling better now. I also wish you good luck this cycle and hope all goes well. Yea for a week that allows for you to get all your stuff done :)


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