Saturday, July 25, 2009

ABCs of Me

Thanks so much for all the comments on my "Bad Karma Dog" post! I am happy to say that both dogs are home and doing well. Though we are poorer for their adventure, they seem to be none the worse, except for bald patches on each of their right forelegs where their IV catheters were inserted. ;-)

Now for something a bit more lighthearted (though still not TTC-related).

A- Attorney
B- Blessed
C- Committed
D- Dog-lover
E- Educated
F- Fat (yeah, I said it)
G- Glad
H- Hot (it's been 105+ here for weeks)
I- Impatient
J- Jovial (most days)
K- Knowledgable
L- Loyal
M- Maternal
N- Newlywed
O- Obligated
P- Pushy
Q- Querulous (lately)
R- Reader
S- Stressed
T- Therapist (not officially, only informally)
U- Unorganized (and I hate it!)
V- Valued
W- Worthy
X- (I got nothin')
Y- Youthful
Z- Zippy (most days)

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