Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We were on a break!

We are on a "break" cycle. By "break," I don't mean that we aren't still TTC; rather, I am not taking medications and we are not having an IUI. I guess it would be more accurate to say that this is a break-from-treatment cycle.

MM really wanted us to continue to "try" this month, in spite of the break. I am fine with that, but I am not charting or using OPKs or anything else that might help me predict when ovulation might be, and he knows this. Still, my cycles are fairly regular, and I usually ovulate within a range of 4-5 days each cycle. Generally I ovulate no earlier than CD 13 and no later than CD 18, with CD 14 or 15 being the most common.

I have been exceptionally tired the past week or so. Our new doggy had to have surgery on his ear (he is fine); I am extremely busy at work; I haven't been sleeping as well as usual; and I've been getting up earlier than usual. MM is aware of this. I've gone to bed before 10:00 p.m. two of the past three nights.

Last night MM was annoyed when he "rushed" home at 10:30 (he'd been due home at 11:00) to find me asleep on the couch and uninterested in having sex when I was awakened. Seems he got the idea in his mind that we need to be "doing it every day this time of the month." We had had sex the night before, and as far as I'm concerned, that covered our "efforts" for this cycle. (Today is CD 15.)

Surely I am not the only one who doesn't wish to have sex just because "it's time." Surely other women out there have desired sleep more than sex on occasion, even if TTC. Right?!

It's so sad that (a) my husband feels the need to fit in daily sex during this time of the month, no matter what else is going on, and (b) after less than six months of actually being married, I am annoyed that my husband wants to have sex daily (but to be fair, I probably wouldn't mind were it not "goal-oriented sex").



  1. Honestly, I think all men are programmed that way. :) We're not even trying to have kids right now and I'm always pawing off the advances of my husband. That being said, I bet if you had to do the dishes every night during a particuilar time period in order to have kids, our husband wouldn't be so quick to jump on that band wagon - it's because they get to do something fun.

  2. I sooooo hear you on this. But, my husband was as disinterested in sex as I was after a while, which sort of made it even harder, because we were BOTH sick of it, which REALLY made it a chore! It really loses the fun factor when there's a point to it. I guess the benefit to knowing when you ovulate is that you can keep mid-cycle sex to a minimum, and just have sex close to when you ovulate--my doctor was horrified when I said we weren't following her "every other day for a week in the middle of the cycle" advice (which also ignored the fact that I wasn't ovulating until after CD21, but anyhoo...). Who wants to do something because they "have" to?


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