Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Delayed, but arrived

I finally began having some spotting and mild cramps yesterday afternoon, and AF arrived full force late last night. It seems that she's not happy that I delayed her arrival by the use of various drugs and has decided to punish me by inflicting worse-than-usual cramps and a heavier flow.

It sounds weird to say I'm glad to have my period, but I am. . . . simply because its arrival, though delayed, means we can finally move on to the next cycle.

I called our clinic's "nurse line" this morning to report my cycle day one and am expecting them to call me back early this afternoon (if things go according to their usual pattern). In addition to getting my meds for this cycle and scheduling my mid-cycle follicle check u/s, I want to see if there is an alternative to the Pregnyl that I used last cycle as my hCG trigger. I had a very nasty localized reaction to the injection: within 15-20 minutes, I'd developed a welt the size of a half-dollar which stayed red, hot, and painful to the touch for days. (In fact, I still have a discolored area of skin there, nearly three weeks later, though it is slowly fading.)

If all goes as we discussed with the RE in March, I should be starting Clomid for the second time on Friday night. Which will be just lovely, considering that MM and I are flying to San Antonio on Friday night for a little weekend getaway. Fingers crossed that this cycle is like the last and that I don't have any Clomid side effects during our trip.

Though I would hardly characterize myself as hopeful, it's nice to be finally moving forward again.


  1. I am glad AF arrives- for me it always happened about 4 days aftr I stopped the progesterone. I am so sorry this cycle didn't work out.

  2. Well, while I am not happy to see AF ever, at least you will be able to get started on the next cycle! will you try two more clomid cycles?

  3. yay for new beginnings. i hope this month is THE one!!

  4. I had that same reaction to Pregnyl, those horrible red painful welts. I requested Novarel instead. It doesn't give me the welts, thank goodness, so hopefully you can get something like that and it works the same for you.

    Enjoy the weekend getaway!

  5. Have you ever thought about trying Femara instead of Clomid? I thought I was going to die while taking Clomid, it was awful for me. I tried Femara this cycle and had a mild headache, but that's all. I took 3 a day for 5 days and had two mature follicles on cd11. Just a thought. Clomid is the devil.

  6. Hi S,

    Hope you have a wonderful time at San Antonio.

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  7. i'm glad that you are moving ahead now that af finally decided to show.

    i hope you don't have any clomid side effects on your trip. i am enjoying night i'm taking it the entire time i'm stimming! yippee!

    i hope this go round is the one perfect cycle!

    and i'll be happy to tell you how we decided on 2 ivf cycles whenever you want...


    (cheers to monday, the day AFTER mother's day.)


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