Friday, May 8, 2009

Unplanned break

As I mentioned, MM and I are flying to San Antonio tonight to spend the weekend. MM's office is five minutes from our RE's clinic and the adjacent pharmacy to which our RE calls in my medications. (My office is about a 15-20-minute drive from there.)

Last night I asked MM to pick up my medications for this cycle on his way to work. He later called me, annoyed, because the Ovidrel had to be refrigerated and I hadn't told him that. (I didn't know.) At work, refrigeration was not a problem, but he'd planned to hit the gym on the way and couldn't leave the Ovidrel in his car with a daytime high of 102 degrees today.

No problem. I told him to bring the Ovidrel to my office on his way to the gym, though it took him about five minutes out of his way.

I brought the Ovidrel home and popped it in the fridge, knowing I wouldn't need it for at least ten days.

As we were packing up and leaving for the airport, I suddenly realized that MM had never given me my Clomid pills. . . the main reason I'd asked him to pick up my meds today. Today is CD 3, the day I start my Clomid.

To make a long story short, MM paid for Clomid but did not pick up Clomid. He *assumed* it was in the bag with the Ovidrel, but never opened the bag to check.

So it looks like we're taking an unplanned break this cycle. The RE's office and pharmacy are both closed until Monday morning.

I was extremely upset about wasting a month (and about my husband's carelessness and seeming lack of concern/interest), but I'm over it now. He has apologized profusely and feels awful.

Just going to move on and enjoy our weekend.


  1. Oh how frustrating! I'm so sorry. I hope you guys can still enjoy your fun weekend away. I guess we will both be taking this month off. Maybe next month will be the ONE for both of us : )

  2. What about taking is cycle days 5-9?? That is common practice! I would ask you RE, because you can get clomid at any pharm!!

  3. oh no! i'm sorry :-( planned breaks are bad enough, but unplanned really sucks... i agree w/lisa... is there a way you can take it 5-9 this cycle???


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