Friday, November 20, 2009

Starting cycle for IUI #3 today

I heard back from my "favorite" NP at our clinic yesterday around 1:30, and I am doing a slightly different protocol this cycle than last:

Clomid 50 mg CD 3 through CD 7 (11/20 through 11/24)
Follistim 100 units on CD 3 and CD 4, 75 units on CD 6, 8 and 10
OPKs before 11:00 each morning starting CD 8 (11/25)
Follicle check u/s on the morning of CD 12 (11/29). (She had asked for CD 11, as I'd suspected, but agreed to schedule it for CD 12 instead.)
Trigger with Ovidrel when instructed to do so prior to IUI

The NP said that the doctor decided to "tweak" the Follistim dosage a little this cycle, for reasons he did not share with her (and that are not clear to me). My initial dose on CD 3 is a little less (I did 125 units last cycle), but my second dose on CD is a little more (100 units vs. 75 units before).

I remarked "I guess the dosing is not an exact science," and her response was "It sure isn't!" How reassuring. LOL

My only mild concern was that my lining was just over 7 mm last cycle at my mid-cycle u/s. She told that my RE just wants it to be in the 7-12 mm range, and as long as it is, he doesn't worry about it, so he did not perceive it as a problem last cycle.

It should be interesting doing OPKs and injecting myself while I am at my dad's. I'm not usually very good at stealth. ;-)


  1. Hmm, that is intersting that you are doing clomid and injectables. I will have to ask about that. Good luck!

  2. I was also curious about Clomid + Follistim. Do you know their reasoning on that? Obviously the Clomid is hard on the lining, so I'm surprised they are still using that.

    Good luck!

  3. Glad they were willing to work with your CD12 scheduling issues! Hoping this is it for you! Maybe the little tweak is all that your body needs....I do hope that you find out why he changed the dosing, though, just so you'll have some peace of mind.

  4. I'm also curious about Clomid plus Follistim. Good luck! Sounds like he has a good plan in place for you!

  5. I am glad that you are able to do your next cycle without having to wait! Good luck being stealth with the follistim in the refrigerator!
    I think you will have to get creative on that one! I think my follistim dosages were different for every IUI and IVF! I don't think they ever know how your body is going to respond! Good luck!

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