Wednesday, November 11, 2009

12dpIUI #2.1

I woke up around 4:00 this morning with a headache. Ugh. This is something that happens to me occasionally even prior to ever taking fertility drugs, so I can't say that there is a correlation.

I continue to have more discharge than usual (TMI, sorry), and this morning in the shower I noticed a very small amount of pink-red spotting at my cervix (which is low, firm, and closed). Man, that progesterone gel is nasty! Ugh.

Because of my headache, I slept in later than planned and arrived at work later than usual, so I don't have much time to write more. Not that there is really much more to write. Just waiting. . . .

Only three more sleeps until I test now.


  1. You're getting so close now! I think the's symptoms sound promising! FX!

  2. Hi, I just started following your story and wanted to wish you the best of luck!! The wait is hard. Sending you happy thoughts! :)

  3. I admire your resolve. I've POAS twice now and AF isn't due until Friday. Both were BFNs - but since I don't know when I o'ed i don't know if that's all that bad. I think of it as 'easing myself in' to the bad news that will inevitably ensue in the next three days. For you though, things sound good. I can second the commenters that said they've gotten more discharge in their bfp cycles. I hope it's true for you as well!

  4. Almost there...

    Crossing my fingers for you.


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