Friday, November 13, 2009


eventually, -adverb: finally; ultimately; at some later time.

I saw this necklace in someone's etsy boutique a few weeks ago and bought it for myself. (Though the woman who made it is a survivor of IF, I found her blog and etsy boutique in a circuitous way totally unrelated to this blog: she is now an adoptive mother, and a law school classmate of mine who gave up her baby through open adoption had a link to this lady on her blog. Serendipitous.) I've worn it nearly every day since it arrived.

I don't know that it means to me that, in fact, "eventually" we will be parents. I think it's more a reminder that, eventually, our current ordeal will be over, one way or another, and life will still be good, whatever the outcome.

Today is 14dpIUI #2.1 and is technically my test date. I will POAS tomorrow morning and post an update then. (Those reading this who are early testers probably think I'm crazy, but trust me: I would be significantly less productive at work today if I tested, regardless of the result. Better to do my mourning--or celebrating--on Saturday, when I will still be just as pregnant, or not.)


  1. I hear ya. If you are preggers, your test will be postive tmr just like it would be today, so no need to have that distraction all today. Good luck!

  2. I understand waiting unti saturday to test.....but my fingers are crossed, can't wait to see your post tomorrow. my second IUI w/injectables worked.

  3. Beautiful necklace. It really does sum this all up doesn't it. What a crazy story. Let's get one thing straight. It is not YOU who is crazy for waiting until the end of the TWW to test. That is precisely the logical way to do things because of exactly the reasons you mention. It is we pee stick addicts who are crazy. I really do aspire to be able to adhere your system one day. I wish you the best of luck, one more sleep!!

  4. Beautiful necklace! Thanks for passing on the info! I completely understand waiting until Saturday to test. Best of luck in the morning...thinking of you!

  5. Sending big hugs your way, hope all is well. The necklace is in fact from the r house. How beautiful. I love the r house.


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