Monday, November 9, 2009

10dpIUI #2.1

I attended my 5-year law school reunion this weekend. It was good to see some old friends and to check out the new law school campus. MM was a very good husband to give up the majority of his weekend for the reunion.

I learned of yet another law school classmate who is expecting a baby this week. (Third child for him, but first with his current, second wife.) In the five years since we graduated in May 2004, at least 24 people have had a child (some of those two or three). Five people from my law school class have given birth within the past six months. Seven are currently pregnant (or their wives are). The majority of people in my class didn't have children when we were in school, though some did.

Mind you, I don't even keep in touch with everyone from my class. I am probably only aware of what about half of our class of 160+ students is doing nowadays, either through direct contact or shared acquaintance. The numbers could be even higher if I knew about everyone in the class.

Which got me thinking: if I took everyone I know from law school out of the picture, I would be hearing about FAR fewer babies and pregnancies. Just sayin'. I'm not planning on actually doing this. I only have four non-law school friends/acquaintances who are currently pregnant, and two of those I know from my charting website.

On the 2WW symptom watch: I continue to be quite tired, needing 9+ hours of sleep a night to feel rested, instead of my usual 8. I have had some breast tenderness and some mild cramping. So basically all the expected progesterone gel side effects. ;-P

The wait until my Saturday morning HPT continues. . . .


  1. I'm hoping the symptoms are due to more than the progesterone! I actually started law school, but didn't finish - I'm sure many of my old section-mates are parents now. Many were getting married during our first two years. Fingers crossed for you...

  2. I was a night law student, so I had to deal with a lot of pregnant and new-parent classmates. That was before we started trying, but I still felt pretty jealous of them. Best wishes and my fingers are crossed for you!


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