Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11dpIUI #2.1


As per usual for my treatment cycles, I have been using intravaginal progesterone gel. The first cycle that this was prescribed for me, back in April, I had to use the progesterone gel at bedtime, and I followed the same dosing schedule in June/July when we did only timed intercourse after Clomid. After this most recent IUI, I was instructed to use it twice a day. ("Based on my age," the NP told me.)

I hate the progesterone gel for reasons I have previously written about. Still, it is preferable to daily (or more frequent) intramuscular injections of progesterone, so I can't complain much. The inconvenience and "ick" factor are small prices to pay if it actually helps me maintain a viable pregnancy.

This cycle, I've noticed something new, and I am wondering if it is related to the increased frequency of use of the progesterone gel. In addition to the usual yellowish-white clumps I notice on every trip to the ladies' room, I have also noticed over the past couple of days that things are just a little. . . . wetter down there. Usually I have the reverse problem with the progesterone, vaginal dryness, so I was a little surprised at this development.

Thoughts? I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has experienced this.


  1. I noticed that last week too (but I did not have a good outcome with my first IUI cycle which ended Friday). I think it was a mix of my progesterone suppositories and cm.

    I am hoping you get great news!

  2. That might be a good sign. I noticed that with my second cycle and it turned out I was pregnant. Rising (instead of falling) estrogen levels might do that.

  3. What kind are you using? I used Cri.none with my IUI's and not only was there clumping but the discharge was worse as well -- Icky!

  4. More discharge has always been a "clue" for me in my pregnancies (those with higher betas, and the one that resulted in my son). I'm hoping it's a good sign!

  5. hmmm, i found with my bfps that i always had more discharge, without or without suppos. so maybe it is a good sign. i know you are not quick to jump to good conclusions, but just maybe :) it is a good sign!


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