Friday, November 6, 2009

7dpIUI #2.1

One good thing about having to use progesterone gel? It has helped to eliminate A LOT of my unhealthy obsessing during the 2WW.

I used to analyze every little twinge in my lower abdomen or my breasts. If I were tired, I'd think "Aha!" If I were crabby, it must be because of my soaring hormone levels! If I felt nauseous, it was never the slightly iffy breakfast I'd had or too much coffee; it was surely a very early pregnancy sign!

If I weren't on the progesterone gel, I might think that the mild off-and-on cramping I've had or the sensitive breasts mean something. I would be thinking "Hey! Maybe I'm pregnant!"

But I know from past experience that these are just medication side effects. I know that I have experienced these same symptoms before during treatment cycles when I definitely was NOT pregnant.

Another thing that helps to cut down on unhealthy obsessing during the 2WW is being hella busy. And yeah, I've got that one covered, too.


  1. Fingers crossed for this cycle! I can't wait to read more updates.

    (I am on my first IUI cycle and am 12dpo and have been getting very faint bfps. I've not had any weird symptoms. My beta is today.)

  2. Wow, I didn't realize that we are on almost the same schedule - I'm 9dpIUI#4. I'm keeping myself super-busy, too. Good luck next week!

  3. I am super busy and STILL find time to obsess. I swore I was getting the type of cramps today that I haven't felt since last year's failed pregnancy...but if there's one thing I know it's that AF symptoms can be deceptive. This is a tough 2ww for me. Is there any other kind?

  4. I am 7dpIUI#1 and despite being busy, still seem to find time to obsess. So good for you being able to not obsess as much. Good luck!!

  5. Progesterone makes it impossible to know if you are having symptoms or not! I am hoping for a good outcome next week!

  6. I'm with you on this! The progesterone makes it very hard to obsess. Fingers crossed for you! Stay busy! :)


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