Monday, October 6, 2014

#MicroblogMondays 6

Completely random thoughts on a Monday. . . 
  • I got to see my father for a few hours this weekend.  It was good to see him, although one of the hard parts of getting older is watching my parents getting old. . . .
  • I knew when I looked ahead at the calendar for October last month that this would be a busy month for us, and every time I turn around it seems that something else gets added to our schedule.  (This past weekend was a good example: it was supposed to be our slow-ish weekend, and we ended up adding a trip to Tucson to see my dad on three days' notice, and then I went to a client dinner last night after my sons' swim lesson on only a few hours' notice.) It's nice to be social and do things, but it also gets tiring.
  • Your thoughts on this scenario: couple divorces, and one of the stated reasons (according to husband) is that he wanted children and (ex-)wife did not.  Fast forward two years: ex-wife is now married to someone else and happily pregnant.  I know the husband well enough to know that he wasn't lying when he gave me (and other friends) this reason for the break-up of their marriage, so did the ex-wife lie to him?  Did she change her mind about wanting children?  Or did she just not want to have children with *him*?  Hmmm. . . . (BTW, ex-husband is now happily engaged to someone new, so I'm not sure he cares; I'm just curious.)
  • Despite my busy-ness this weekend, I was able to spend two short periods during the boys' Saturday nap time doing some cleaning and decluttering in our house (including an area of our bedroom that hadn't really been touched in MONTHS, sadly), and I am always pleasantly surprised at how imposing some order where there was chaos gives me a feeling of comfort and peace.
  • I discovered a delicious new coffee creamer this weekend:  (  Yum!


  1. Being social is exhausting with kids!

  2. I was thinking about the friend situation and then saw coffee creamer. I have the attention span of a gnat.

    I would read the situation as "I don't want children with you" that he may have heard (or maybe it was said as) "I don't want children." Perhaps she saw divorce on the horizon and didn't want to introduce children into the picture?

  3. Well, I have heard of several situations where the husband dithered on having kids, so the couple split... then the wife (who wanted kids) winds up childless & meantime the husband meets someone else (generally younger) & voila! Baby! Seems horribly unfair. :p I don't know why it happens, but hey, if men can do it, why not women?


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