Monday, October 27, 2014

#Microblog Mondays 9

  • How much time would a 2-year-old have to spend in bounce houses before bounce houses would get old?  Just wondering after our sons spent over six hours in the aggregate in various bounce houses at three separate parties this weekend and still wanted more.
  • According to MJ, I am not allowed to have friends because I am HIS mommy.  (He is also not keen on the idea that I am AJ's mommy, too.)
  • I like candy and cookies as much as the next person, but I cannot recall ever crying because someone told me I couldn't have more of them, as AJ did this weekend.
  • The past three weekends, MJ has refused to take a nap for us.  He still naps at day care five days a week.  It really sucks because (1) he is tired and needs the rest, and (2) it means I cannot get anything done on the weekends. Ah well. . . .


  1. Gwen went to a bouncy castle weekend before last. Every night since, she has made a pretend bouncy castle for her babies and animals.

  2. The only upside we found to the weekend nap strike is that Liam would go to bed earlier and faster at night!

    1. That's true for us. . . except that AJ still naps, so he won't go to bed earlier and faster at night.

  3. Bouncey castles never never never get old. Until you're about 35 and then you feel violently ill as it moves up and down.


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