Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday or Monday

Today has certainly felt like a Monday so far.  Apart from waking up to smiles and bright eyes from my boys (at 5:40 a.m., but still cute), it's been a bit of a bummer of a day. 

Woke up feeling groggy and slightly hungover due to the awful migraine I had yesterday evening and the drugs I had to take to treat it.  (No narcotics, but Imi.trex always leaves me feeling odd after.)  Could've slept until 9:00, but that would never happen with the babies.

Had to fast to get blood drawn for my (overdue) annual physical.  Hadn't had dinner due to my migraine, so I'd actually not eaten anything but 2 oz of cheese since 2:30 yesterday afternoon.

Stopped for breakfast and a cup of coffee (it was 9:00 a.m. by then, and I'd been up for about 3 1/2 hours and was overdue for caffeine) and was given a cup of BLACK coffee after THREE TIMES requesting two creams & two Splendas.  (I only started drinking coffee at age 34, and I don't do black coffee ever, no matter how desperate I am for caffeine.)  Didn't realize the coffee was black until after I'd left the drive-thru and taken a large sip.  Yuck.

Oh, and started my period a day early just as I was walking out of the doctor's office.  Lovely.

Got to the office, nearly two hours later than usual due to aforementioned doctor's appointment, and made the mistake of answering my phone just after I sat down at my desk.  Got stuck on a half-hour-long call with a confused client.  Normally I am happy to take clients' calls, but it's helpful when (1) I have the file to refer to (I didn't), and (2) I don't have other more pressing, on-deadline matters I need to be working on (I do).  (On the plus side, I do think the client was less confused and a little happier when we hung up.)

It's now after 10:30 here, and I have yet to start anything on my to-do list for today.  And I'm supposed to leave by 5:30 to meet out-of-town friends for happy hour.


On a more positive note. . . . Jen at Maybe If You Just Relax had her baby girl yesterday.  Little Adelle is super cute and reportedly doing well.  If you want to see a photo of an adorable little newborn girl and congratulate Jen, stop by her blog.

It's been a tough month for Jen and her family, as they lost their 17-month-old daughter Ainsley the day before Mothers Day.  (Actually, it's been a tough couple of years for the Kneppers, as they lost Ainsley's twin Evelyn at birth and Ainsley had spent her entire life in the hospital.)
OK, now caffeinated, fed and vent over, I am off to FINALLY start on my to-do list.


  1. I hope your day improved.

    And S, black coffee is the way to go :)

  2. Thanks for welcoming me back to blogging, even if all the AMH stories you have end in DE (since we can't afford that, I am now covered my ears and humming loudly because I Can't Hear You...) I hope your day got better after this!


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