Thursday, May 3, 2012


I've always loved rainbows.  When I first started participating in this community, I learned the term "rainbow baby" was used to refer to a child born to parents who had suffered a loss of a child (or children).  I thought this was a lovely symbolic way to talk about this unique experience: acknowledging the loss (the "storm") and the beauty that followed at the same time.

During my pregnancy with the twins--and really, throughout my time TTC--I sought out bloggers who were in a similar situation to mine.  I imagine most of us do this.  There is something particularly interesting and helpful about someone who is in the same phase as you are.  (That's not to say that there aren't common emotions and thoughts among all who have experienced infertility. . . . but it helps to go through something together, even if it's only online and not in real life.)

To that end, I had discovered Alissa's blog.  Alissa was also pregnant with twins after IVF, with an estimated due date of 2/26/2012, just three days before our twins' due date.  Given that due dates are just an estimate, to me that meant our babies were essentially due at the same time.

Sadly, Alissa experienced preterm labor at 20 weeks and lost her twins, Michael and Alena.  I vividly remember reading about her loss and feeling just heartsick.  Preterm labor was something I feared most of my pregnancy, and it was so awful to know that my worst fear had come to pass for someone whose story I was following with interest and in whom I'd come to feel invested.

Alissa recently did a FET with the one embryo remaining from the IVF cycle that produced her twins.  Tuesday was her first beta, and she is pregnant with her rainbow baby!  So exciting!

I have really enjoyed reading Alissa's writing over the past year plus.  The weeks and months that follow are bound to be an emotional time for Alissa, so if you are interested in following her story and supporting her, pop over to her blog. 


  1. I couldn't be happier for Alissa. She is so strong and an amazing support for so many women. I admire that even amist her deep sorrow she was able to provide support and encourgement to others. She deserves an smooth and easy pregnancy. I think of her and baby M and A often

  2. So so happy for her too... it's truly wonderful to hear her news xoxo


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