Friday, July 8, 2011

Monday's ultrasound

I am so upset right now.  Being the type of person I am, I called my OB/GYN's office this morning to confirm my initial appointment for my ultrasound on Monday morning. . . . and learned that, for reasons which are a mystery, the appointment had been booked in the practice's satellite office which is over an hour from my house (in light traffic), rather than at the main office, which is 20 minutes from my house and less than 10 minutes from my office.

I cannot imagine why this happened.  I have been a patient of the practice for nearly three years, and the only appointments I have ever had have been in the main office location.  I know that I specified the main office, but even if I had not. . . . why would anyone book me an appointment in a satellite office I have never visited?  It just doesn't make any sense.

Because it was their screw-up, the office moved some other appointments at the main office to "squeeze" me in at 9:30, instead of the 8:30 appointment I had scheduled.  But I am so angry with them right now that I am considering finding another practice.  Seriously, I cannot be dealing with this sh1t for the next several months. 

I have a call in to the nurses' line at Local RE's office to see if they can do my first ultrasound there early next week instead.  (St. Mungo's was kind enough to fax orders for the u/s to Local RE.)

Ugh, I hate dealing with doctors' offices!


  1. How frustrating! You should look into finding another doc.

  2. OMG, all I can say is I'm so relieved after reading this post! When "ultrasound" is in the title and the first sentence is "I am so upset right now" well, my mind goes to other places.

    It sounds like your clinic really did screw up, and I don't mean to belittle your feelings about it at all, but I just had to say -- I'm so glad the conclusion I jumped to wasn't the right one.

  3. Deep breath! I hope you can get in wherever you want. Screw ups happen, I would probably give them the benefit of the doubt and then if it happened again would make alternate arrangements.

    On the plus side, on Monday you get a look at your little bean(s)!

  4. Do you really want to go through the mess of finding another doc because of ONE honest mistake? Take a deep breathe - I know you have a lot on your plate already, so don't add this to it...


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