Thursday, July 14, 2011

7 weeks, 1 day

Just a quick note to let you know I'm still alive.

I am struggling with most-of-the-day nausea, many food aversions, and heartburn, in addition to feeling exhausted much of the time, no matter how much I sleep.  Our nurse practitioner told us this is par for the course with a twin pregnancy, and I am by no means complaining. . . . I knew this would/could be part of the deal.

It is a little hard to find time and energy to write here, though, when I have all I can do just to make it through each work day.  (Actually, I am behind on a few things and will have to work most of Saturday to catch up.)

Had a little scare yesterday.  In addition to the brown spotting that I've had off and on since Saturday, I was sitting at my desk mid-morning yesterday when I felt a "gush" of fluid.  A quick trip to the ladies' room to check my panty liner revealed that this "gush" was bright red.  Yikes.  The nurse practitioner had told me to expect to continue to spot, but the amount and color freaked me out.

I called my OB's office and headed home to rest (and change my stained clothing).  By the time the OB's nurse called me back about an hour after I called, I had had no more red bleeding and haven't had any more since, thank goodness.  I didn't have any cramps either, which I guess is the other thing they look for if miscarriage is suspected.  I spent most of yesterday on the couch and even took a 3-hour nap.

So MM and I are hoping that the Wonder Twins (as we have dubbed them) are doing OK in there.  We are hopeful that yesterday's gush wasn't a sign of miscarriage but was just more bleeding from the same area the NP showed us on Monday's ultrasound.  We have been told that bleeding is more common with twins, more common after IVF, and more common with DE.

My next OB appointment and ultrasound are on Monday, July 25, so we won't know for sure until then.  However, considering that I've had no more bleeding or cramping and my pregnancy symptoms continue unabated, we are feeling mostly positive.

(By the way, in this instance, I'm not interested in hearing from readers who had similar symptoms and then miscarried.  So if that was your experience, I'm sorry, and please don't leave that in the comments section.  Thanks.)

That's me in a nutshell.


  1. Hang in there! The IFer's life is filled with 2WW after 2WW.

  2. I just talked to my nurse a little bit ago and she is re-assuring me that spotting (especially brown,) is very normal and common in pregnancies with multiples. I've had spotting since is unsettling, but nothing to worry about! Oh...and my nausea has been horrible too!!

  3. Has anyone told you yet about making sure you are VERY well hydrated? Every time I started to get cramps it was due to not enough water ... even early on (at least for me).

    I really feel for you ... the desire to sleep was really intense for the first 3-4 months. Hang in there ... lots of good thoughts are coming your way from here :))

  4. Ugh, I'm sure the bright red was scary, but so glad it seems to have stopped. In terms of the nausea, what helped me was eating small snacks (mainly carbs) throughout the day and I took B-Natal candies....they were a miracle worker.

  5. I'm having flashbacks to last summer! I had so many food aversions. I don't think I had any meat or anything that wasn't white and starchy for weeks. I was really weak but somehow hung in there. All I can say is REST REST REST as much as you can. If possible, close your office door and take a 15-20 minute nap to get through the day. You need it and so do the Wonder Twins! : )

  6. Sorry to hear about the scare - that sucks. But I'm glad that things seem to be settling down, and that you haven't had any more issues.

    Sending good thoughts.

    P.S. Having read IF blogs for the last millenia, I can attest to the hundreds of IVF *Mom's* who've experienced spotting and bleeding and ended up with with perfectly beautiful, healthy little babies. Not that I expect that to make things less scary in the thick of it, but hopefully reading the words again will remind you how true it is.

  7. ahhh, all day sickness, food aversions (how i missed coffee - not because of the caffeine, but because it suddenly tasted like ass), and the feeling one has taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills!

    i miss it a little, i'm not gonna lie!

    but the end result is SO MUCH BETTER than i could've ever anticipated. really worth all the trials and tribulations on the way!!

    i'm sure the WTs are just fine!!



  8. Sorry for the nausea food aversions etc. Expected and normal, but still not fun at all to deal with. Bleeding/spotting is normal...hope you don't worry too much between now and the 25th.

  9. Sorry the nausea is in full effect:( The bleeding must have
    been really scary! I'm glad they know the source of
    bleeding & it is abating now. Hang in there, let me
    know if you need anything!

  10. Big, bright scary red bleeders in the house! 20 weeks and counting!

    I know it is horrifying. Try to remember you are not alone. Course, I never could, but perhaps you are different than me. Take the scare and try to time box the amount of time you spend with it.

  11. I've just discovered your blog from LFCA and wanted to wish you a HUGE congrats on your pregnancy. I hope the bleeding goes away and you can settle into a 'normal' twin pregnancy. Brace yourself twin pregnancy is much harder than I ever anticipated and I won't scare you off with the symptoms etc, but just want to say to prepare yourself for everything to be double with this pregnancy including the blessings.

  12. I had the same bright red bleeding at 10 weeks with my twins, never had any problems after that. Both twins were born healthy and large at 38 weeks :)

    Make sure you fill a really BIG water bottle and have it with you always. Keep sipping it all day, and when it's empty, fill it again. It helps with the exhaustion AND the nausea. I would sometimes 'spike' it with lemon juice or ginger tea...just something to give it flavor or help w nausea.

  13. First off, congrats!! Second, I was pregnant with quads and had the exact same thing happen at almost the exact same gestation. It was just a small hematoma, only had to keep my feet up for a day and a half. I now have 4 healthy 14 month olds! Hope that is some reassurance. =)

  14. Oh my gosh, twins! I'm so, so happy for you! Your journey to here has been so long and hard. I'm just so excited for you all!

    I just had a singleton, but I had bleeding for the first two months. It was nerve-wracking! And I threw up 8 out of the 9 months. The only month I didn't throw up was the 7th. But it was all worth it! :)


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