Wednesday, July 20, 2011

8 weeks

(This post will be all about pregnancy.  If you don't feel like reading about that right now, I completely understand.  I'll write about something else sometime.)

Total Weight Loss/Gain:  -4 lbs.  (I'm counting my "starting weight" as what I weighed the morning before our embryo transfer, which is only 0.4 lbs less than what I weighed the morning of my first OB appointment.)

Maternity Clothes:  No.  My regular clothes are actually fitting more loosely than they were a few weeks ago, due to the weight I've lost.

Stretch marks:  I've had stretch marks for years from growth spurts and weight gain.  I don't have any new ones related to pregnancy yet.

Sleep:  For the first time in my life, it takes me a little while to fall asleep, even though I go to bed EXHAUSTED every night.  Once I'm out, I sleep soundly for 8-9 hours.  (And I'd love an afternoon nap, too, but don't have time or opportunity for one most days.)

Movement:  Nope, much too early.

Cravings/Aversions:  No cravings, but I have many, many food aversions.  I usually eat a pretty varied diet, but most things I normally would eat gross me out now, and basically anything with a scent or spice to it is out of the question.  (Hot foods are worse, too, except some soups.)  I have been subsisting on cheeses and yogurt, wheat bread, soups and potato chips for the most part.  On a "good" day, I try to eat some lean meat and veggies or fruit.

Gender:  Don't know yet, too early.

Symptoms:  In addition to nausea which lasts most of the day (though no vomiting yet), I have heartburn after every (small) meal or snack and feel horribly bloated if I eat a normal-sized meal.  I am tired nearly all the time.  The only time of day I feel good is for the first half-hour or so after I wake up.  (I also have mild off-and-on uterine cramps and sore breasts, but I've had those since starting progesterone.)

What I miss: Having energy.  Being able to enjoy food.  Feeling good.

What I look forward to:  Our next ultrasound on July 25.  Since the bleeding episode I had on July 13, two days after my last u/s, we've been a little worried about how Zan and Jayna (the Wonder Twins) are doing.  It will be nice to get some reassurance.

Moods:  I have been more emotional and irritable at times but mostly the same as usual, just EXHAUSTED.

Milestones: Hmm.  None yet.

Medical concerns:  Spotting/bleeding I had last week.

Sex?:  Um, we've only "done the deed" once since our embryo transfer.  MM is afraid to harm the pregnancy.  ;-)


  1. Sorry you are feeling so poorly right now. Hopefully this phase won't last too much longer! It will be so fun to see how much the wonder twins look on your next U/S! Hang in there Mama! (isn't it cool I can call you that???)

  2. Hey S!! Sounds like a typical first tri pg to me! Hang in's hoping nausea and exhaustion take a hike in about 4-8 weeks. Trust will fly by!

  3. You had a big milestone -- two heartbeats!

  4. Hooray for feeling like crap! Ugh, I pretty much lived on yogurt, milk and bread the first few weeks. I know it's rough now, but hopefully you'll be one of the ones whose nausea clears up early.

    8 weeks!

  5. That's a great update. I know you aren't feeling great right now, but that is such a good sign of a healthy pregnancy that I'm taking it as good news.

    Hope the 25th gets here quick!

  6. I hated hot foods also. It was odd. Veggies also gagged me. Good luck!

  7. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are doing and feeling well, that's great!


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