Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We're on our way, and a heartbreaking story

I found out that our donor's AF arrived, and she started her BCPs over the weekend.  So we continue to be on track for a first week of June (or maybe last week of May?) embryo transfer!  Once I get the "all clear" on my sonohysterogram on May 6, I will be able to start my lu.pron for our cycle ASAP!

I'm really excited.  I knew our donor and I weren't far apart in our cycles--I started my BCPs Saturday--and I was hopeful that it wouldn't take much to synch us.  On the other hand, I've read about women having trouble related to the donor's AF not arriving on time.  So glad that hasn't happened to us!

On an unrelated note. . . a friend of mine posted a link to this website last night on Fac.ebo.ok.  When we are going through IF, I think we all hope for a full-term, healthy baby.  This poor little one was born at just 26 weeks and after six months in the NICU is battling stage 3 liver cancer.  So sad!  I thought sharing the link to her story was the least I could do to help this precious little girl.

[BTW, MM asked me not to tell him anything more about this story when I briefly mentioned it and said "I don't know why you'd want to read about something like that."]


  1. I am soo excited for your upcoming transfer too! Sooo sad about the's just so unfair to soo many people.

  2. totally heart breaking story, my MIL would never want to read somehting like too.
    Great news about your DE cycle. I am so excited for you to get this thing started. every body part is crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great news, S. Not the tragedy but your cycle! Yay! So close

  4. Good luck with the upcoming transfer and wow, what a sad story - I started reading the blog but then stopped - can't think of what it would be like if my little one would be so sick...

  5. Wow, time is really going to fly between now and the end of May. I am so excited for the two of you!

    That is a sad story about the little one. It really makes it seem like there really isn't anyone up there making things happen... what could possibly be the Plan of having a newborn fight liver cancer?

  6. New follower. Good luck with your transfer. I'm on the same path as you. Doing IVF with an egg donor. I'm still in my mock cycle, but if all goes well I hope to be choosing my donor soon.


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