Saturday, April 23, 2011

The things we do

I stopped the drugs for my mock cycle a week ago today, and my period arrived on Wednesday.  That means I will be starting birth control pills today and remaining on them until my cycle is synched with our donor's cycle.

Does anyone else find it ironic that taking BCPs is standard operating procedure for IVF cycles?  I mean, I understand that they are just an efficient way of taking hormones and that they help "suppress" your ovaries to a certain extent.  I just think it's funny that I will be taking a pill intended to do the one thing in the world we don't want or need to do: prevent pregnancy.

The things we do to try and get pregnant.

P.S.  I must give a "shout out" to my sister V, who turns 38 today.  Happy Birthday!


  1. Hi from ICLW! I have had the same thought about BC and infertility! It doesn't seem to make sense but oh well. Good luck with your upcoming donor cycle.

  2. Wow your cycle is really coming along...another 5 weeks or so? So excited for you and MM...

  3. yes!! i absolutely hated taking bcp!! feels totally unproductive!! or counter-intuitive. or something!! just wrong.

    it is the first step though - you are on your way!!


  4. i think that about bcps everytime we cycle. and eekk cant believe how close you are.

  5. I always found that very ironic, too! Emotionally I hated taking the BCP's, even though logically I knew it was part of the effort to get me where I wanted to go!
    You are sailing right through! It's so exciting!!

  6. Yeah, I found it ironic too!
    I just gave you an award at Stress Free Infertility! Check it out!


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