Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Versatile Blogger, Take 2

Recently I've been given the Versatile Blogger award by two readers, A Shadow of My Former Self and Krissi.  Thanks, ladies!

I didn't want either of you to think I was ignoring you, and I'm flattered by the award.  I did receive and post this award once before, in this post.  In the interest of time, I'm not going to pass this award along again.  And after over two years of over-sharing on this blog, there probably aren't too many things that people reading don't know about me!  But I'll try to name seven.

1.  My hair is naturally curly.  I used to hate it when I was younger, but since my late 20s, I have let my hair be the way it wants to be instead of struggling against it.  Since then, I have liked it more.

2.  I love, love, love to read!  Looking back, I wish I had become a book editor for my career.  Maybe next lifetime.

3.  I love cheese.  There have only been a couple of varieties I've ever tried that I didn't like.  I can pass up sweets, but if I find myself at a party with a cheese tray, look out!

4.  I have never attended a high school reunion, and I never will.  High school is not a time in my life which I am eager to revisit.

5.  I wish I had been born with a trust fund.  (Even before IF and DE IVF.)  I think it would be great to choose how to spend my days solely on the basis of what I would love to do, rather than also considering what will pay a decent salary.

6.  I loved school. . . the studying aspect, not so much the social aspect.  If I had been born with a trust fund (see above), I probably would've been a professional student until I was at least 35.

7.  When I was a nurse, I spent three years moving all over the country while working for a company which sent me to hospitals on short-term contracts.  I lived in six different cities, and I loved "trying out" new places without being committed to staying there indefinitely.  Had I not started law school, I likely would've continued doing this for another year or two.

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  1. I share all of your point except for #7. I've moved a lot but only between a few west coast states. To this day I daydream about traveling all over the country, living only a few months in each state. Maybe for retirement....


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