Sunday, September 19, 2010

Truth Day 4

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

Hmm. I must say, I am pretty good about not holding grudges, although I will admit, though I may forgive, I do not forget. (For example, I bear no ill will toward my stepmother for disclosing my personal and private information on two separate prior occasions in my life, and we don't talk about it. . . but as a result, I simply do not confide in her or my father anymore.)

Given the subject matter of this blog, I guess I will just say generally that I need to forgive the people in my life who have said thoughtless or insensitive things about my infertility. That includes my mother and quite a few friends and acquaintances, though, happily, no close friends.

You know the kind of things I mean:

"G-d has a plan for you." (Really? How do you know? Maybe His plan doesn't include our having children.)
"Maybe you just need to relax and it'll happen." (Um, yeah, tried it, it didn't work.)
"Maybe you weren't meant to be a mother." (Wow, thanks! That never occurred to me.)
"Well, what can you expect at your age?" (This one really stings, since there seems to be some truth in it.)
"Why don't you adopt?" (Aside from other reasons, it's not as easy as picking out a puppy at a shelter.)
"I wish I could give you some of my fertility." (Yeah, me, too.)
"There are too many children born already." (Hmm. Maybe. Is it our personal duty to refrain from childbearing to prevent overpopulation?)
"Stick with dogs; they're easier." (I'm sure they are.)
"At least you're having fun trying." (Hmm, not really. Having sex on a schedule and taking fertility drugs isn't my idea of fun.)
"Maybe you're doing it wrong. Do you need some advice?" (Wow.)
"Have you thought of ___________?" Fill in the blank with daily temperature taking, using a fertility monitor, making sure you're having sex at the right times, etc. (Note to "helpful" speaker: my husband and I are both intelligent, educated people. Don't you think some of these things might have occurred to us before we spent thousands of dollars on invasive medical procedures?)

As you've probably gathered from this extensive list, I have a lot of people to forgive.  ;-)

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  1. Agreed on all of the above.

    Why am I the only one playing?

    I need to forgive my in laws for apparently failing to notice our miscarriage.


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