Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Over the years, I have had several health care providers comment on the "textbook" length of my cycles.  Aside from a couple of years in my mid-20s when I was working overnight shifts, and had irregular periods my cycles have always averaged 27-28 days in length, ever since I started having periods at age 11.  Everything else about my periods, including the amount of flow, number of days of bleeding & spotting, and mild cramps, were also what would be expected and just about average.

The textbook pattern of my cycles gave me the false impression that, though the years were passing, my fertility was unaffected.  I (wrongly) figured that because my period reliably came on time month after month that when it was the right time for me to TTC, I would become pregnant readily.  (I had the same incorrect thoughts about my "normal" LH, FSH, and E2 values and antral follicle count.)

Even though I now know that my textbook cycles only created an illusion of fertility, I was still glad to see their return this month.  AF arrived on Monday, making my most recent cycle 27 days long.  Because my last two cycles were 25 and 22 days long, I had begun to fear that I was starting menopause.  Now I am reassured that all is well.

It may be a false reassurance, and I do have to wonder how useful regular cycles are when they never result in a lasting BFP, but for now, I'll take it.


  1. I say, celebrate all of those "normal" things, why not?! They must be good for something, right? Honestly, whenever something normal happens in my cycle it gives me peace of mind. It must make a difference, to ovulate each month, although I have yet to reap the real benefit.

  2. I too have "textbook" cycles even though I have never ovulated without meds in my life.

  3. R--

    That is particularly interesting to me because our RE told us he "assumes" that a woman is ovulating if her cycles are regular and average 25-32 days in length. Hmm.

  4. Hey S...I had textbook cycles too until January. Not sure if its stress related (likely) or what. Hoping for more textbook cycles for you...what a minute...actually no I don't...hoping for NO cycle for the next 40 weeks!!!

  5. I always thought I was ovulating, because my cycles were almost always 28-30 days and I, for the most part, had clear temperature shift. Boy, was I wrong! It's funny the things that your body appears to do, but then is actually doing on the inside. I'm glad AF came at her normal time this month!

  6. I am glad to see the schedule return to normal, for whatever it is worth. Peace of mind counts for a lot.

  7. I've always had "normal cycles." I never knew PCOS and endo were lurking around.

    Yay for some normal things!


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