Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Truth Day 14

Day 14 → A hero that has let you down.

Hmm, another tough one!  At my age, I don't really have heroes and haven't for a long time.

I will say that I was disproportionately devastated and surprised last year when it hit the news that Tiger Woods had cheated on his beautiful wife with a bunch of skanks.  I thought he was one of the "good guys," and it was disappointing to find out that he is just a dirty dog, like many professional athletes.

I do think that the press and public have been a little hard on the guy--after all, he is only human--but do not in any way condone his behavior.


  1. I was disappointed in him, too. Kudos to Elin, though, for coming out on top and staying classy through the whole ordeal.

  2. When you put it that that way ... for me, John Edwards' indiscretion felt like a personal betrayal. I was actually planning to vote for him in the 2008 primaries, but he dropped out before my state voted. Then, to find out that he was cheating on his wife ... who was dying of cancer ... and then that he'd fathered a child with his mistress! Given that I'm struggling with IF, that last one hit at an especially primal fear.

    Second place goes to Eliot Spitzer. He'd been doing such good work, and I think he might've had a shot at the White House.

  3. It really bothered me too, and I'm not sure why...


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