Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weird dream

This morning shortly before my alarm went off, I had the strangest dream I've had in a while.  It primarily involved the lawyer for another party in one of my active cases who I have seen a few times recently for depositions.  (Guess that is how he got into my subconscious mind.)

The basic story line was that we were working on a case together and somehow ended up back at his house, along with the other lawyers in the case.  Next thing I know--you know how disjointed dreams can be--we were all sitting around watching an NCAA football game on TV and having a good time instead of working.

Then the scene shifted again, and this lawyer--who is a nice person, but someone whom I have ever particularly thought of as attractive--and I were suddenly the only ones in his house.  In the dream, it became clear that there was a strong physical attraction between us, but just before he went to kiss me, I kindly but firmly told him that nothing could happen between us because I was married.  He accepted this, and we agreed that I would ask to be taken off the case to avoid future awkwardness between us.

As I was gathering my things to leave, his wife and children arrived (note: I don't think he is actually married in real life, and I don't know if he has children).  Both of us played the situation off like a legitimate work meeting, and no one seemed suspicious.

The next part of the dream involved my walking miles to find my car.  Goodness only knows why I was parked so far from where everything else happened, but dreams are weird.  I finally found the car and got home, and it was shortly after that when I woke up to my alarm.

Anyone into dream interpretation and want to tell me what this means? 


  1. Okay... I'm a lawyer Type A too, which makes it odd that I used to be obsessed with dream interpretation, right? ;) But... I've always been told (think it's the Jungian theory) that people in your dream ONLY represents parts of YOU. Like the lawyer would represent a part of you that you consider to be like him.

    He's not married, no kids. You're married and on the way to babies. You almost kiss (accept, embrace, etc.) HIM (a lifestyle of no marriage/no kids), but you stop... etc.

    I'm just guessing? The best one to decipher your dream is you. You know how you are most like that guy (or how you perceive that guy).

    Cars... the only thing I can remember about cars have to do with driving them... You always want to be in the driver's seat of a vehicle, in a dream. The one driving your vehicle is the one driving your life... no one better than you.

    No idea about the car being parked far away.

    I obsessed over dreams far more in college. I've gotten out of practice, and I'm rusty. There's a dream dictionary (based on the Jungian - sp? theory) and I LOVE it, but it's gathering dust on a bookshelf somewhere. This makes me want to pull it back out. ;)

  2. Whenever someone tells me about a dream, wondering what it may mean, I always ask them how they felt in the dream. Did you feel embarassed in your dream? Awkward? Taken advantage of? Relieved? Envious? Once you home in on the feeling, then think about if you've felt that in your life recently, and under what circumstances, and see if maybe your dream seems to have anything to do with that situation. I'm just making stuff up here, but this often works for my own dreams!


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