Thursday, July 15, 2010

Warning: TMI ahead

When I visited the loo just now, I noticed a small amount of rust-colored spotting on the tissue when I wiped.  This spotting was somewhat similar to what I usually see in the 12-24 hours before AF arrives, but usually it is accompanied by some mild cramps.  Plus, today is only CD 22 for me. . . . I wouldn't be expecting AF for another 5-6 days.

I don't know exactly when I ovulated this cycle because I forgot to check any OPKs until CD 13.  OPKs on CD 13, 14, and 15 were all negative, so I figured I had missed my LH surge.  (I usually ovulate on my own sometime between CD 13 and CD 18, based on two years of BBT charting.)

I can't imagine I'd be ovulating today. . . it's too late in my cycle, and I have no EWCM to indicate this is a fertile time and haven't for days.

Thoughts?  I hate it when my body does something out-of-the-ordinary!


  1. I don't know but I do know that the more stressed out I am in a given cycle, the more "whacked" out it will be.

  2. The last six months or so, I have had light spotting starting on day 22, but actually starting my period on day 28. I'm not sure why this has happened, other than maybe Progesterone withdrawl or decrease in progesterone. Sort of annoying, it makes me feel like I am having 2 week periods!!!


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