Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick u/s update

I had my CD 3 u/s this morning, and it showed no cysts and "lots" of resting follicles. (The nurse did not count the follicles because her aim was to check for cysts.)

So I have my drugs and will be starting them this evening. My next monitoring appointment is on May 6, CD 11.

Thought for the day: why oh why does Follistim have to be so expensive? My little 400-unit cartridge was over $260!

Gotta get to work. . . .


  1. Follistim is INSANELY expensive. Especially from Apothecary Shop! Good luck with this cycle! Crossing my fingers for you!

  2. Yay for no annoying cysts! And yay for those follies that are ready to grow!

  3. That's great about the cysts (or lack thereof)! Follistim is horribly expensive. Don't let them order more than you need. I have about $600 worth leftover in my fridge right now that I will probably never need. I don't think we'd choose to try another retrieval if our current batch of embryos don't stick. I wish there could be some kind of exchange for people to share the leftover meds, but this is unfortunately illegal. If I was 100% sure I didn't need mine, I would send it to you for free!


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