Monday, April 26, 2010

Protocol for IUI #3.1

I got the call from our clinic a little while ago. The nurse who called is my "favorite" NP there; she did both of my IUIs and has done a few of my monitoring appointments as well. She was also the one who called me with my first beta result back in August when I had my first-ever (and so-far-only) BFP, and was thus the first person to give me a heads up that, though I was technically pregnant, I was likely miscarrying (and she was right). Nurse Favorite remembered me and was very friendly, as usual.

(Oh, and BTW: Nurse Favorite is 33 weeks pregnant. With her fourth child. Her oldest is 7. I guess she's not working at the clinic for the employee discount. LOL This means that she was pregnant--just barely--when she did my last IUI. Why couldn't some of her fertility have rubbed off on me? ;-) )

Because my last treatment cycle in late November caused a 30.5-mm follicle, there is a chance that this caused a cyst, and that must be ruled out before I start any drugs, since they can aggravate an existing cyst. So before I can even get started on this cycle, I have to go in for a cyst check u/s on Wednesday.

Assuming my u/s on Wednesday is clear, my protocol for this cycle will be:

**Clomid 50 mg each evening CD 3 through CD 7 (Wednesday through Sunday)
**Follistim injections in the following doses:
--125 units on CD 3
--100 units on CD 4
--75 units on CD 6 and on CD 8
--50 units on CD 10
**hCG trigger when instructed
**Progesterone gel vaginally each evening for two weeks following IUI or timed intercourse
**Checking OPKs daily before 11:00 a.m. each day beginning on CD 8

My mid-cycle monitoring u/s will be on CD 11, Thursday May 6. Our RE said I could decide at the mid-cycle u/s whether we want to proceed with IUI or just go with timed intercourse.

I am crossing my fingers that I do not have a cyst on that right ovary. I will be really annoyed if I do, since the treatment cycle that will have caused it was a complete waste of time and money (and will lead to further delay). I guess if I do have a cyst, I will have to take medication to shrink it before I can do any more stims.

Stay tuned.


  1. fingers crossed for no stupid cyst :-)

  2. I hope it's not a cyst. Sounds like a pretty thorough plan for an IUI. I haven't heard of the declining amounts of follistim before, but then I didn't use it for many cycles since I don't respond to it.

  3. hurray! so happy that you are giving another IUI a shot!

    NO CYSTS!!

    prayin' for a perfect cycle!!



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