Sunday, June 7, 2009


I've finished my fifth dose of Clomid. Nothing else TTC-related is slated to happen in my life until I start to POAS beginning Thursday each day between 10 and 11 a.m. to see whether my LH is surging on its own, pre-trigger. My mid-cycle u/s is a week from today.

MM and I had a very fun and relaxing weekend. We stayed at a local resort (15 minutes from our house) and took advantage of the much-lower-than-usual rate. The resorts here usually discount their rates over the summer, and this year with the poor economy and tourism being down, the discount was even more than usual. We talked about doing this last summer and didn't, so this year we decided to go for it.

We went out to one of our "special occasion" restaurants for a late dinner on Friday. We spent Saturday morning lying out by the pool reading, alternated with floating along the "lazy river" or splashing around in the pool. Around noon, my in-laws met us for lunch at the resort, and afterward we went shopping at a nearby, open-air mall. For dinner that night, we tried a delicious new Tuscan grill. This morning we had a leisurely walk around the resort grounds before heading to the theatre to see the movie The Hangover and then coming home.

I really love the freedom that MM and I have to do things like this weekend. . . . freedom that we will give up to a great extent if/when we have a child. We are both at a stage in our lives where we are more than ready to make the sacrifice, though.

I haven't had any more "deep thoughts" over the weekend. In fact, I hardly thought about TTC at all. . . . and it was nice!

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  1. I'm always open to advice, thanks for offering it. This last month of being on a break has been great, actually. I'm very inspired by your story of completely changing careers, actually, but I want to go in the opposite direction from you. I have a law degree, but I don't really like legal work. After spending all that time and money on law school and the bar exam, I feel so guilty giving it all up, but it makes me miserable. But I'm having the hardest time figuring out what to do, and the thought of spending more time and money without knowing makes it hard to do anything.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend ... I'm a little jealous. If my husband and I can ever agree on our vacation plans, I'm really looking forward to getting away this summer.


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