Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crampy today

If I weren't using progesterone gel, I would be excited about the fact that I have been having a lot of cramps this morning. As it is, I have chalked them up to progesterone side effects.

I guess one benefit of the progesterone gel is that I no longer over-analyze every symptom I experience in the two-week wait and obsess over whether it could mean that I'm pregnant. Because basically every early pregnancy symptom could also be a progesterone side effect, I simply note what I'm feeling and move on.

I posted recently about my reasons and MM's reasons for not wanting to do IVF. My reasons have not changed, but I think that perhaps MM's feelings about this may be changing. He mentioned to me the other night at dinner that if our 6 IUIs are not successful, we "might have to think about doing something else, like using a surrogate." Huh? Not sure where that came from. And I actually don't think he means a surrogate; I think he means donor eggs (because that will theoretically increase the odds of success of an IVF cycle). He even said that he might consider adoption, which was way out of left field for him.

At this point, we have not discussed the matter further but have agreed to have another sit-down appointment with our RE if necessary in a few months. More on that topic once we have discussed it in more depth.


  1. don't you just love the progesterone....ugh. interesting about MMs potential change of heart. I will be following along :)

  2. Both my husband's and my views about IVF and adoption have changed a lot during the last year and a half, and in my case, they've changed more than once (i.e. I was pro-adoption, then angry about having to do adoption, now I'm tentatively accepting it again with a clearer head).

    The HCG boosters are, I think, for increasing progesterone production. I still had premenstrual spotting even with the HCG, so I get a double whammy and get to take progeserone too.


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