Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Clomid, Take Two

AF arrived on schedule Monday afternoon, so tonight I start my second round of Clomid. This cycle will be basically an exact repeat of our April cycle, except that I will be triggering with Ovidrel rather than Pregnyl (which gave me a huge, painful welt).

I will take Clomid every night from tonight through Sunday and will then start using OPKs a week from tomorrow. My mid-cycle follicle check ultrasound is scheduled for Sunday, 6/14. (Is it wrong that I was psyched that CD 14 fell on Sunday this cycle so that I don't have to miss any work?)

Looking ahead for any potential conflicts, I will be mildly inconvenienced if my IUI ends up on 6/16 because I have a 9:15 telephonic court hearing that morning. But I don't think it will be impossible for me to either do both or get someone else to cover the hearing.

When we met with the RE in late March to discuss our plan, we agreed that if I were not pregnant after two cycles of Clomid, we would move on to injectables. So I am really, really hoping that the Clomid + IUI combo works this cycle! Not looking forward to the (potential) added expense and pain associated with injectables.

I am optimistic that Clomid won't cause me any side effects; it didn't last cycle I took it.

I have mixed feelings about this cycle. Any small bit of optimism I ever had about TTC has long since fled, so I have no expectation that we will successful. At the same time, I feel that we have to "try." I know that injectables + IUI is as far as we are going, which makes me hesitant to go there, to our "last chance" to get pregnant.

Anyway. We shall see. I will say again that it has certainly been nice being on a break this cycle!

Oh, and I have belatedly started on my commitment to lose some weight and get healthier that I planned for our break cycle. I started a new exercise program Monday that will have me at the gym for cardio and strength training six days a week, whereas before, I only did cardio, and that usually only 2-3 days a week on average. I've also started the South Beach diet because I have lost weight on it before and many of its recommendations are in line with those in The Fertility Diet. I am not anovulatory, but hey, can't hurt, might help.

I figure even if my healthier habits don't lead to pregnancy, at least I will look and feel better.


  1. best of luck with theis cycle and with the SBD. That's a good one, always works for me. But the fact that I have to return to it often tells you I'm a yo-yo! Hope this is the cycle for you-

  2. Best of luck! Lucky you that clomid didn't give you any side effects!!!

  3. good luck with this cycle !

    I did the diet route last year, didn't get KU but ended up losing close to 35 lbs !


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