Monday, March 23, 2009

Time away

MM and I returned last night from a long weekend in the NYC area with my sister and her family. I didn't think about TTC much while we were gone, and it was terrific. I'd brought along my Chinese herbs, but didn't take them as it turned out to be way too inconvenient when we were out and about all day.

We got to spend time with my much-beloved (& only) nephew, 2-year-old Rowan. MM was so terrific with him. In fact, I think Rowan now likes him more than he likes me. LOL Anytime MM was not in the room with us, Rowan was asking "where's Unca M?"

Rowan is an adorable child and basically very good. He is 2, though, so he can be uncooperative at times and is understandably into everything. It's so fun to hear him talking in complete sentences, singing, and seeing how his mind works. He's obviously very bright.

On the flight home yesterday, I read Tertia Albertyn's book about her struggles to have a child, So Close: Infertile and Addicted to Hope. Overall, the book was a good and quick read. Some parts made me cry (and I am NOT generally a crier), and her style of writing made me laugh in places, too. I started out thinking "how could anyone go through nine IVF cycles?" Once I'd read the whole book, it made a bit more sense to me.

When I was tearful midway through the book, MM noticed my tears and asked what the book was about. When I explained, he shook his head and said that he couldn't understand why anyone "in our situation" would want to read about something like that.

I guess that is a key difference between MM and me. As our quest to conceive a child of our own has continued, I've become more and more interested in reading about other women's struggles. He still doesn't like to think or talk about the whole thing much.

Our appointment with the RE is in two days. I have mixed feelings about it, but do feel that we need to start doing something.

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