Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sex doesn't make babies

MM rescheduled his repeat semen analysis after yesterday's debacle. He will be providing his specimen at the RE's office on the morning of the 17th because it is the most convenient day for him to do it. So we will have to abstain from sex on the 15th and 16th; our clinic requires no less than two and no more than five days of abstinence, and MM wants to abstain for two-and-a-half days to be on the safe side.

While I was in the shower this morning, I realized that my most likely ovulation day this cycle is the 17th (CD 13). . . the same day he is providing his sample. When I was charting regularly, I didn't always ovulate on CD 13: I've ovulated as early as CD 11 and as late as CD 18. But I have ovulated more often on CD 13 than on any other day of my cycle.

(As an aside, we will probably have sex on the 17th later in the day, so the timing of his S/A doesn't eliminate ALL chance of conception, even if I do ovulate that day. But obviously eliminating the 15th & 16th is probably not helpful.)

Almost immediately after realizing this, though, I thought "so what?" I have arrived at the conclusion over the past few months that, for reasons completely unknown to us, MM and I are clearly not able to conceive a baby just by having sex. We have had perfectly-timed intercourse every single cycle for nearly a year and not a single pregnancy to show for it.

I always thought that having sex = having babies. But apparently not for us.


  1. i remember in sex ed as a young teen, they always made it seem like if you LOOKED at a penis you would get pregnant. who would have guessed it could be so hard.....

    good luck on your journey :)

  2. It's not as easy as they make it out to be! Sorry the timing is the way it is.


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