Tuesday, May 31, 2011

T minus one week to egg retrieval

I can hardly believe that, in all probability, our donor will have undergone egg retrieval in just one short week!  Wow.

I had my second monitoring appointment today, and my lining is already at 7 mm, which is the minimum St. Mungo's requires for transfer.  From what I've read, it's unlikely that my lining will shrink; actually, it should continue to thicken as long as I continue to take estrogen.  So I will probably have a more-than-adequate lining when I have my "final passing" u/s at St. Mungo's a week from today.

My ovaries were "quiet," too, as they should be, so I guess the Lupron is doing what it's supposed to.  In fact, the Lupron has done such a good job that I get to stop it now!  Yippee!  No shots for a week!  And maybe now this tight feeling in my chest will go away!

(My P4 level was 0.82, low like St. Mungo's wants it to be.  For some unknown reason, there was a delay in finding out my E2 level, but our nurse said it didn't matter since the u/s showed that my ovaries are quiet and my lining is where it should be.)

Next up: our donor's monitoring appointment tomorrow morning.  I hope those follicles are busy growing some good quality eggs!  :-)


  1. Wow, so excited about your lining. Hope the DEs appointment goes well tomorrow.

  2. so exciting, glad to hear that things are going well so far. It is so amazing to think that your transfer is in a little over a week!!!! Luck and love to you...

  3. Awesome - I hope the week goes by in a flash. This cycle is going well!


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