Thursday, May 12, 2011

My "zen" has left the building

Something is bothering me, and I thought writing about it here would get it out of my head.

As you know, we are about to start our DE cycle at St. Mungo's shortly. After my SHG last Friday, our nurse and I discussed a tentative calendar, taking into account "blackout dates" provided by our in-house donor. Our nurse emailed me a tentative schedule later that evening, saying she would get back to me with the "official" calendar, prescriptions and instructions on Tuesday.

It is now Thursday, and I have not heard anything more. I wasn't too concerned when I didn't hear from her Tuesday; I figured it wasn't that pressing, and she might just be busy. (In any event, she never has time to call until after their post-lunch team conference because she is with patients in the mornings.) I wasn't particularly bothered because the tentative schedule didn't have me starting any new meds until next week.

But now that it is two days later than I expected to hear from her, I am starting to wonder if I should be concerned. Our donor has cycled at St. Mungo's five times before and has been described as "very reliable," so I'd be surprised if the hold-up is due to her not getting back to them to approve the "final" calendar. I know there is nothing left on our end which needs to be taken care of.

I don't know. Actually, MM is the one who has raised these doubts in my mind. Last night he said that, since we will soon be paying the clinic a boat-load of money, he would expect them to "be on top of things." The last thing we need at this stage is to have a loss of confidence in our clinic and its ability to manage our care.

I emailed our nurse after 10 last night (email is the primary method of contact with her), thinking that she might get the email first thing this morning and respond.  I have heard nothing.

The lack of contact from St. Mungo's, coupled with MM's remarks (which I know weren't meant to alarm me; they were just an expression of his own thoughts and concerns), has me feeling anxious.  I hate this feeling.


  1. I'm sorry that you are feeling anxious. I don't blame you, though. They should do a better job of keeping in contact with you! I hope you hear from your nurse soon!

  2. Sorry you're feeling stressed. I hate it when Dr.s/nurses don't call when they're supposed to, it stresses me out big time! I try and just remember that they do this all the time and to trust them, but its really really hard!!

  3. I'm super annoying about things like this -- vendors and service people must hate me -- but the instant a deadline has passed, I'm all over people... I don't think it is unreasonable to expect that commitments are kept, or at least a check-in / touch-base happens when they can't be. Being left out of the know is horribly frustrating. I think my kitchen contractors wanted to kill me this fall.

  4. It is understandable and your DH is right but I found that there were numerous little things that I just had to overlook with my old RE's clinic. If she hasn't contact you by now, call. Be a pain. It is a boatload of money.


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