Monday, January 12, 2015

#Microblog Mondays 20

I made a little progress on my backlog this weekend, insofar as I got put away.  The tree and all decorations are down and put away; cards have been appropriately dealt with; and no trace of the holiday remains in our home.

In order to make this a reality, as well as get my other necessary household chores done, I had to give up my usual Saturday outing alone, but it was worth it to me for this week.  I did not even start on going through the boys' clothing; I left that for another day (again).

I still feel behind at home, but perhaps not as far behind as I felt at the end of last week.

Work is another story.  Lots to do, so nose to the grindstone. . . .


  1. I am waiting for my husband to get home from his business trip to have him help to put away our Christmas stuff so go for you for already getting this chore done!

  2. That's a big project -- packing everything away. Congratulations.

  3. It always feels so much harder to put the Christmas stuff away rather than putting it out. Glad you could mark something complete on your to do list!


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