Thursday, January 8, 2015


Given the pace of my job and my life, once I get behind on things at home, it seems nearly impossible to catch up.  I just have so many things that MUST be done on a daily/weekly basis that there is no "extra" time for catch-up.

Plus, I won't lie: I am usually very tired by the end of the day, just in the usual course of things, and I need to relax and unwind for a little while after my sons go to bed.  I also go to bed early compared to most people because my body needs eight hours of sleep a night.  On the rare occasions when I look at things on pin.ter.est, I know that the moms who've made those creations don't go to bed by 9:30 or lie on the couch exhausted reading a book for a half-hour after putting their kids to bed. .  . because if they did, they wouldn't have time to be so crafty/organized/healthy.

Add in the fact that up until today, I had been even more tired than usual due to being sick for over a week, and things are particularly bad at the moment.  I am so far behind, I may never catch up.

Right now, my house is a total mess, my tree is still up, my holiday cards and wrapping supplies are still out, and I don't know when I am going to get around to taking care of any of this. This weekend will be the usual flurry of activity: keeping the boys entertained, laundry, groceries, meals, etc.

I could pay for an extra housecleaners' visit, but I would have to spend at least an hour clearing up clutter before the housecleaners could even do their job, plus arrange to be home during the day so that someone could let them in and out.

Besides, all the housecleaners can do is clean.  They can't pack away my things, or update my address list from the holiday cards I received, or decide which of my sons' outgrown clothing should be taken to the consignment store for resale.

OK, enough whining.  I have to find a way to have more energy because there is no way to create more hours in the day. . . .


  1. Sing it sister! I hear you. Hopefully there's misery in company and things ease up soon.

  2. I was thinking just the other day that I need a day off to clean, pathetic, huh? It is so hard to keep up with the day to day! I hope you get a super burst of energy and that things feel more manageable.

  3. Ugh, sorry. I feel the same, just so freaking tired at the end of the night (and also needing 8 hours sleep) that there is literally no time to get caught up. I do sometimes take a day off a couple of times a year to get caught up when things really pile up. I'm due for one of those soon, but there is TOO MUCH to do at work, and I'm way behind here, too.


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