Monday, November 24, 2014

#Microblog Mondays 13

  • Can I ever have one solid week where I wake up every day feeling good physically?  Or is that just too much to ask?  I'm beginning to think the latter.
  • On a related note. . . I am improving my eating this week.  It's never TERRIBLE, but since Halloween, I've eaten one or two pieces of candy each day, and I do pick up fast food out of convenience once or twice a week.  I've planned healthy, whole foods--including vegetables--for my lunches and dinners for the next three days.  I will be staying away from the candy dish at work.  Let's see if that makes a difference.  (Thanksgiving, of course, will be its usual feast of indulgence, though.)
  • I am hopeful that perhaps with better eating I will have more energy and feel more inclined to exercise.  Here's hoping.
  • On a positive note, I had a productive weekend.  We had our family portrait session on Saturday, as well as getting all the usual weekend necessities done, and I even steam-mopped the kitchen and dining room floors last night!  All this despite the fact that the boys stubbornly continue to refuse to nap on the weekends (even though I offered them bribes! this time in the shape of chocolate babka!).
  • The boys are talking more and more, and it's hilarious at times.  I guess I must wear makeup even less than I realize because when I put on lipstick for the photo shoot, MJ asked "Mommy, what that on your mouth?"  And they then both proceeded to stare at my mouth and experimentally poke their fingers into my lips.  LOL
  • The boys, especially MJ, are OBSESSED with  Lately the only shirts MJ will wear are ones with Ba.tman on them.  So he now owns five Ba.tman shirts, as I refuse to do laundry daily and am tired of fighting with him every morning about what he will wear.
  • AJ doesn't want to wear pants.  Ever.  It's a fight every morning, whether we pull out jeans, chinos, or sweatpants.  He wants to wear a pair red athletic shorts every day, even though the morning temperatures here are now in the 40s.  
  • I'm starting to understand what people mean when they say "Three is like two, but with better language skills."


  1. Ba.tman -- the boy has good taste.

    So right before I opened your post, I went in the kitchen and took some Halloween candy. Then read the second bullet point as I was chewing. Uh... GUILT!

  2. OMG, the clothing thing drives me nuts. Turtle doesn't ever want to wear long sleeves, and it's COLD here now. And Tadpole refused to wear socks for a while, but seems to have (finally) gotten over it. As for three being like two, I really didn't like three. It was all tantrums all the time. Four seems to be more about fighting with each other, which is also annoying, but at least they're getting to be able to reason better, which is nice. There are still tantrums, though. And the talking more is both good and bad!

  3. oh, the shirt/shorts battles. Jude only wants to wear Elmo shirts, so he now has 3, and he only wants to wear mesh athletic shorts also. Um, it's 21 degrees out. Must wrestle pants on. Fun game! I feel your pain

  4. My current three year old is thus-far unpicky about clothes, but we had a few months where my older would only wear pajamas with shorty-shorts. You know how thin and clingy and tight those pajamas are (for fire safety?). And that's all he wanted to wear. Winter or summer. It was challenging. Now he is nearly 5 and refuses to wear jeans (after last year refusing to wear anything BUT jeans, so I stocked up on jeans...)


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