Monday, November 10, 2014

Has This Guy Been Reading My Blog & Email?

OK, probably not. . . it's probably just that my problem is a common one:

When Your Plate Is Too Full


  1. Dude, totally my philosophy. Except my "do a couple of things well" shifts depending on the days/weeks. Firstly, I am always putting "be a good mom" first. The second thing changes for me, and unfortunately hubs gets the shit end of it. I rotate work, hubs, (and friend to my peeps is a rarity). Fortunately for me, since I teach college, "work" can be rotated (and will disappear for 5 weeks during the winter break). But last week, I had nothing due, so hubs got back on that list.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately, my job cannot be out of the rotation, ever, if I want to remain employed. So my husband has to get in the rotation with my family and friends. Poor guy.

  3. I was just going to say the same thing: work cannot go, parenting cannot is marriage supposed to go? I've already given up on friends. I GET the philosophy, its just not most of our reality.

    1. Right, exactly. The philosophy is a solid one, just pretty difficult to put into practice for most of us.

      I think, for me, the take-home messages were: (1) I should say no to all things that aren't essential, and (2) I will probably have to accept that I'm not going to be very good at anything except my top two areas of focus. . . and even they will suffer sometimes if/when I devote time and attention to the other things.


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