Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Latest

  • Things seem to be improving on the job search front.  I have had two interviews in the past week and have two more coming up in the next two weeks.  All are for jobs that I believe would be an improvement over my current position.  I'd appreciate any positive vibes, prayers and kind thoughts you can send my way.
  • I've mentioned here before that billable hours are the bane of my existence.  One of several things I dislike about my current job.  It seems that over half of the associate attorneys in my office are below target on their billable requirement at the halfway point for the year.  We found this out at a meeting Monday when we were all lectured about the need to work more and bill more hours so that the firm can make more money.  Good times.  Just one more reason I need to get a new job.
  • I thought my headaches were improving--they had gone from every day to only every other day or sometimes every third day and were generally less severe--but then I woke up today with a really bad migraine.  Fortunately I have now seen a neurologist and have new medications to try to stop this cycle.  Here's hoping they work.
  • As I put more effort and energy into my job search, I am feeling even more overwhelmed and stretched even thinner because filling out applications, going to interviews, filling out background checks, getting fingerprinted, etc., takes up a lot of time.  Time that I really don't have.  But I am telling myself that I just have to push through, that this is temporary and that this effort is going to pay off when I land a new position.
  • MM is doing what he can to be supportive.  He is not the greatest with the emotional support--thankfully, I have friends and a sister for that--but he is taking on more than his share of the boys' care and doing even more than usual around the house.  He wants me to get a new job almost as much as I want to.
  • I can hardly believe it's already August 1!
  • Blessedly, the boys are doing great.  Their growth and development is amazing, and I feel lucky to have two such happy little guys in my life.


  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world on the job front. Looking for a new one is like another full time job in and of itself!

  2. All good thoughts coming your way on the job front. Having some attorney friends, I have heard about the crappy billable hours world, sounds stressful.

    And a great big huge hooray for happy little guys, it is the BEST!

  3. GOOD LUCK!!! Billable hours SUCK. I'm a paralegal, but it's still no fun. When we were camping, my thoughts went like this: "I just spent a point-3 sitting here staring at trees. This sucks."

    Sending you tons of positive vibes on the job search.

  4. Sounds like some positive things are in the works! Good luck!

  5. I'm so glad you're seeing some possibilities on the job front! Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)

  6. Crossing my fingers for you! Wow, 4 interviews in 2 weeks! I sure hope this is a turning point for you.

  7. I am late to catching up on blog reading and am happy for all your interview activity. Now, of course, I want an update to the update, both on the interviews and your headaches.

  8. Sending good thoughts your way that a new position is just around the corner! I so hope the new meds work for your headaches, too, as that sounds awful. Hang in there, mama!!


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