Friday, March 22, 2013

So. . . .

I use the "iPeriod" app on my phone to keep track of when my period is due, and I remembered seeing that I was supposed to have it over my birthday this month.  So when I realized this morning that my birthday had come and gone with no period, I checked iPeriod and found this:

Yes, I am apparently four days late.  Funny how, in years past, something like this would have gotten me very hopeful and rushing for the HPTs and now it wasn't even on my radar until I opened the iPeriod app.

Thinking back over the past month, we did have unprotected s.e.x on at least one theoretically fertile day, at least according to iPeriod.  (Honestly, we never bother with protection anymore because (1) we don't have s.e.x that often these days and (2) it seems a bit unnecessary to us.)  I say "theoretically fertile" because really?  After 40 cycles of TTC with and without medical intervention with only one chemical pregnancy to show for our efforts, I doubt that any of these "fertile" days are truly "fertile" for us anyway.

I did mention this to MM, and (in character for him) he is now mildly concerned about it.  Honestly, I would think it is far more likely that I am in peri-menopause than that I am actually pregnant, naturally, at 42, with my own egg.  But stranger things have happened, I guess.

Anyway.  I imagine my period will make its appearance here in the next day or two and put an end to this momentary diversion.


  1. I would be flipping out if I could even plan for my period, but it's dumb... and now I'm using Mirena which makes it even dumber. Regardless, I'm convinced that having a baby amde me a fertile myrtle (whether that's true or not), but I'm terrified of the possibility of suddenly being fertile. So... I would freak out. Haha.

    Love that the stress of IF/TTC has taken a backseat to life tho! :)

  2. I love that there's an app called iPeriod. Ha. But seriously..... nice to know you are not stressing anymore, but now that you have posted here, it's probably going to be on your mind! At least it would be on my mind. With my BCP, I don't even get my period most months, which is just weird, and I don't like it! D needs to get a vasectomy STAT, but that is much easier said than done!

  3. I've heard there is a surge of fertility just before menopause. I would test.

  4. Happy birthday!

    You never know!

  5. Just wear white pants and Aunt Flow should show. I just started the pill again and it's been like 3 years since I was on it and I keep forgetting how it works. I had to Google the other day, "When to start new pill pack", like I'm 18 or something?!

  6. I got pregnant at 42.... Just saying!

  7. So????? Sitting on pins and needles over here!

  8. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Pee stick?! :)

  9. Wow...could it be? I'm wondering if you got your period yet. I hope so!

  10. 42 is very young even for peri-menopause! Unless you are 25, then 42 sounds old and dried up.

    My period was 5 days late in February. I finally realized that AF was not coming and I was having some strange "symptoms." Sure enough...two lines. Clear enough for a man to see.

    Unfortunately, it was a chemical. But I'm even older than you might want to take a test is all I'm saying.



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