Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

I have been even busier than usual of late.  In addition to the typical stuff that fills my time, we were dealing with a leak under the kitchen sink last week which resulted in three plumbers' visits and (later) my spending nearly four hours (with some help from MM) replacing our kitchen faucet. . . in my spare time, LOL.  I have also taken on a few new cases at work, so the combination of busier-than-usual at home plus busier-than-usual at work has left me with no time to post here.

I have also been waking up with pretty bad pain in my lower back every morning.  The pain persists throughout the day, although it usually lessens as I'm up and about, but I try to avoid sitting in the evenings because I spend way too many hours sitting as it is, and I'm sure that isn't helping the situation.

Anyway. . . .

Today is my 42nd birthday.  Apart from my back pain making me miserable, I don't feel that old.  We are going to have dinner out with the boys after work, and MM and I are going out to dinner with friends on Saturday night for an adult celebration after the boys are in bed.

AJ and MJ were 14 months old on Tuesday.  They are very busy, always go, go, go.  They love going to our neighborhood park and swinging in the swings.  They had a nasty cold last week but are well now, and AJ had his third ear infection at the end of the cold.  AJ taught himself to climb on the couch this month, and MJ taught himself a few days later after seeing his brother do it.  They both say "Mama" and "Dada" and "mum-mum," and MJ has said "hat" a couple of times and "monkey" once (and not repeated since).

They both wave bye-bye now and are learning to blow kisses.  AJ now signs "more" and "all done" while eating, too.  AJ taught himself to give people kisses at 9 or 10 months old, but when you ask MJ to give you a kiss, he turns his head and leans his cheek toward you.  (That'll tell you a little about the difference in their personalities.)  MJ loves it when MM tosses him in the air.  If AJ realizes that Dada's intent is to toss him in the air, he will grab onto his hands or wrists to prevent the toss and looks decidedly uncertain about the whole thing.

AJ still has no visible teeth, and MJ still has the same six teeth he's had for months.  I keep thinking that AJ will get some teeth any day now, and based on his chewing behavior, that MJ will get more, but no new teeth this month.

We took both boys to the local children's museum a few weeks ago, and they really enjoyed it.  We will definitely be going back.

Not much else new to report.  Neither of my job interviews resulted in job offers, and I've been about 90% compliant with my diet and lost a few pounds, despite still exercising very little (this week due to my back pain).

Gotta get to work. . . .


  1. Happy Birthday! You sound like a busy bee. I hope that back pain eases. Could it be time for a new bed? Or perhaps a new chair at work?

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like the boys are doing great. Boo on back back and leaky sinks. Let's hope both clear up!


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