Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eleven months

It is hard to believe that my sons were eleven months old yesterday.  We are now less than thirty days from celebrating their first birthday.  Crazy, crazy.

I remember well how I felt this time last year. . . huge.  Uncomfortable.  Tired.  Sad that I couldn't eat any Christmas goodies.  (LOL)  Ready to be done being pregnant, frankly.

Now AJ and MJ are here, and they are wonderful.  They are babbling, squealing, crawling, climbing, walking (yes, both have already taken their first steps, before 11 months!), laughing, wrestling little people.  We marvel daily at how fortunate we are to get to be parents to two happy, healthy little boys like them.

I have not felt very Christmas-y of late--like pretty much everyone else I know, I've felt quite down about the school shooting in Connecticut, and on the heels of that news, I learned Monday that a dear old friend died suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving behind two children--but coming home to my boys smiling faces every evening makes every day better.  They are thus far blissfully unaware of the evil and sadness in the world, and I pray they can stay that way for a long time to come.


  1. Are you able to decorate with the boys being so active?

  2. Hey S - just wanted to give you a heads up to check out the PAIL list that went up today. Hopefully you'll find something helpful there! :)

  3. Happy 11 months, time flies! Both walking, wow that must be fun (and tiring)! Have a great Xmas :)


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