Friday, December 14, 2012

Eleven-day summary

Just realized this morning that I haven't posted in eleven days.  Hmm.  I must really be out of ideas after posting every day in November!

I only have time for a quick, bullet-point recap of the past eleven days. . . here goes.

  • We met CeCe and her son C at the aquarium last Saturday.  It was so fun!  I love meeting my blog friends in real life.
  • In a moment of misguided holiday and community spirit, I signed up for a cookie exchange at work.  Which meant I had to bake six dozen cookies--only homemade allowed--last weekend in preparation for Monday's exchange.  I made these cookies, and I must say, they turned out very well!  (Even MM thought they were yummy.)  But they took me much, much longer to make than I thought they would.  Ah well.  Live and learn.
  • AJ and MJ are both "walking" all over the place pushing their push toys, and yesterday MJ took his first couple of unassisted/unsupported steps!  Not-quite-11-months-old seems awfully early for walking to me--especially considering the fact that he was a 34-weeker--and I have mixed feelings about it.   ;-)
  • AJ has had a nasty respiratory infection of some kind this whole week, which resulted in his first-ever fever and one night of my having to hold him upright on my chest from 11 to 6 so that he could sleep, poor lamb.  He is still not 100% back to normal but seems to be improving now; he coughed some last night but didn't wake himself up with the coughing.
  • MJ has had a runny nose the past two days, so it appears he has (predictably) caught whatever his brother has, though he has yet to develop the cough or fever, thank goodness.
  • Health permitting, we are slated to attend my MOMs group's holiday party tomorrow.  If we end up going, the boys will be meeting Santa at the party.  I really hope they are well enough to go, as the thought of taking the boys to the mall the following weekend to meet Santa--can't possibly miss the photo opp of their first time on Santa's lap--is not at all appealing on many levels.
  • I got my Christmas cards--all 65 of them--out by last Saturday.  And I've still managed to get cards from two people I didn't send to.  (How does that always happen?)  I love getting, and sending, Christmas cards, and unlike most people, I actually like reading the holiday letters a lot of people include with their cards.
  • We decided not to put up a tree this year, given that AJ and MJ are too young to understand the holiday and too young and mobile to leave the tree alone.  (Lest you feel sorry for them for missing out on this part of Christmas, rest assured, my MIL has a tree up at her house, and they will get to see it when they spend Christmas day there.)
  • I am well on my way to having my Christmas shopping finished, thanks mostly to the internet.  I just need to wrap gifts for the boys and MM and mail my sister and BIL's gifts to them (my nephew's was shipped direct, already gift-wrapped).
  • Work is status quo.  Two associate attorneys quit, and I inherited several of their cases.  I've somehow, without even really trying, managed to dispose of three cases this week, two by settlement and one by a favorable judge's ruling on a dispositive motion.  Clients are happy, but it leaves me looking for more cases to shore up my workload again.  (No real incentive for being inefficient in my job, sadly.)
  • G-d willing, I will get to see my BFF on Sunday afternoon for the first time in about two months!  Nominally, we live in the same city, but it's a 45-minute drive from my house to hers.  Between her illnesses and our (many) recent weekend commitments, we just haven't been able to get together for a while, and I've missed seeing her.
  • My mom will be here a week from Sunday, and I can hardly believe Christmas is only 11 days away!


  1. I send out quite a few cards each year and the numbers I get back yearly are dwindling. I miss getting cards. This year so far I have only received 4 out of all that I sent.

    1. It seems that fewer people send cards these days, and of course, there is still quite a bit of time left before Christmas. Not everyone aims for December 1 to mail out their holiday cards, like me, LOL.


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